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BetterMilk Three-Day Challenge

As part of the Phenylketonuria (PKU) low-protein diet, patients must regularly consume a special nutritional formula that provides all the protein and essential nutrients we all need to function each day. Of course, the formula contains all the good stuff and none of the phenylalanine.

The formula I drank as a child was called Phenyl-Free and is pictured here in the blue-labeled can.

When I was a young girl growing up in Pittsburgh, Pa., I didn’t have many options when choosing a formula. I drank something called Phenyl-Free and if I had to describe the taste, it resembled spoiled eggnog and had lumps consistent with cottage cheese. It was gross.

Imagine my surprise when after 18 years of being off-diet I realized that there was now several new formula options …and wouldn’t you know; they didn’t taste that bad! 🙂

That leads me to the subject of this blog entry. As a PKU adult reacquainting myself with the diet, I signed up for Cambrooke Foods’ Three-Day BetterMilk Challenge. For a brief history on Cambrooke, the company was founded by parents of two children (Cameron and Brooke) diagnosed with classical PKU. They specialize in all sorts of low-protein food products, but BetterMilk is probably their pride and joy. It’s the first ever intact protein formula which means that it will last longer in your digestive system, leaving you fuller in between meals. Here’s a look at the 3-minute video that explains more about the science behind the formula:

Cambrooke Foods BetterMilk Video

Click on the photo to watch the video.

Watching this video was just the first step in the Three-Day BetterMilk Challenge. Over the next three days, I’ll be trying several different recipes. At the end, I’m required to complete a short survey and if I’ve met the deadline, I’ll receive a $50 coupon for a future Cambrooke Foods order and will be entered into an iPad drawing. Stay tuned for recipes and reviews!



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