Cambrooke’s RESTORE Brings Convenience to the PKU Diet

Cambrooke Foods, RESTORE, PKU, PKU formulaTo the untrained eye, this photo may seem like a magazine advertisement for Gatorade, but look a little closer and you’ll see that the innovative food scientists at Cambrooke Foods have out-done themselves again!

Their new product is called RESTORE and according to the medical foods company, it is the “first ever thirst-quenching metabolic formula specifically developed for patients with PKU.”

Sports drinks like Gatorade are not restricted for PKU patients (unless they contain nutrasweet or aspartame), but what makes this new product unique is its dual functionality: part super-charged formula, packed with 10 grams of PKU-friendly protein, and part hydration beverage that contains critical electrolytes commonly lost during prolonged exercise.

I requested a free sample from Cambrooke and tried the new product for myself. The lemon-lime flavor wasn’t too tart or harsh and the serving size was relatively large enough (16.9 fl oz) to quench your thirst after some pretty intense cardio.

Contrary to what has been said on the PKU ListServ, I did not experience any grittiness in my sample. Since I knew that the product’s instructions required you to shake before drinking, I continued to shake the beverage while I was drinking it, especially if I put the lid back on and walked away from it for a moment.

Despite any negative reviews the product has received, I believe PKU patients will really enjoy Cambrooke’s RESTORE and the convenience it brings to the low-protein diet. The sports drink does not require pre-measured water, blender bottles or any post-consumption dish washing activities. Just grab, shake, drink and toss—perfect for those individuals at the office, heading home from the gym, or even great for kids who don’t like to pack formula in their school lunch.

In the future, Cambrooke plans to release additional flavors of RESTORE. If you’d like more information about the product or would like to know how to request your own sample, visit Cambrooke’s website.

I give the product an A+ and will certainly be talking with my clinic about how to go about getting a supply.



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15 responses to “Cambrooke’s RESTORE Brings Convenience to the PKU Diet

  1. Andee

    I didnt think it was gritty. But the thickness kind of grossed me out a little. I drank it but it took me two hours. I do look forward to other flavors though maybe a punch would be okay.

  2. Melody

    I tried the RESTORE. I didnt think it was gritty or thick or anything like that, It kind of tastes like lemon lime sherbert! Cant wait for cambrookes to make more flavors!!!

  3. Steven F.

    But at over 8 bucks a bottle for 10 gm of protein? I’ll stick to my MTE mixed into Gatorade or any one of a dozen choices!

  4. Mary

    My 16 year old son with PKU has been on the same formula for 9 years. He decided to trial Cambrooke’s BetterMilk and RESTORE two weeks ago. He LOVES it. He mixes the two together, drinks it at room temperature, and describes feeling better than he has ever felt. He no longer has “highs” and “lows” but feels a steady energy all day. He says he no longer has the constant hunger feeling and that he is better able to focus and sit at his desk longer to do homework. He says that he had no idea he could feel this good. We are so grateful that he decided to give BetterMilk and RESTORE a try!

    • Hi Mary – thanks so much for your comment! I’m so glad your son is feeling better…and more satisfied with his new formula options. I have not yet tried to mix both BetterMilk and RESTORE. Is that something that is mixed half and half or through equal parts?


      • Mary

        He drinks about a quarter of the bottle of orange RESTORE first, then adds the packet of BetterMilk to the RESTORE bottle, shakes it up and and drinks it. It tastes like a creamsicle! He has also made a frozen mocha latte with the BetterMilk powder, coffee, chocolate syrup and ice…loved it!

  5. Mary: Sounds, yummy! I’ll definitely have to give it a shot!

  6. Jill

    My name is Jill, I am 23 years old and I have classical PKU. For years I have struggled with my formula portion of my diet, because all the earlier kinds of formula tasted RANCID!!!! Seriously rancid, which made it hard to drink–so i stopped drinking it, and was drawn to protein (the kind i cant eat) to give me a feeling of a full belly however that didnt last that long.
    But, apart from all that, I have tried the Restore formula and I can firmly say that I was COMPLETELY BLOWN AWAY, by the actual good taste it had and even with the better milk it tasted phenomenal!!! So impressed with all the discoveries they have come up with over the years, this has given me a new hope towards following my diet and seems almost like a fresh start. I cant wait to get started, I am actually just waiting for my formula to arrive!!! I also did not find it gritty or thick in any way!! Absolutely loved it, and am stoked to begin my new PKU journey, I cant wait to have energy and not feel hungy all the time….

    • Hi Jill – so glad you stopped by and took the time to post a comment!! What kind of formula did you order? If you ordered both RESTORE and BetterMilk, I recommend mixing the two to get even a little more variety out of your formula. One of my other blog readers (see Mary’s comment above) said that her son mixed the tangerine RESTORE with BetterMilk to make something akin to an orange creamsicle…I just tried it myself this past weekend and it was YUMMY!


      • Mary

        Mixing RESTORE, a BetterMilk packet and ice in a blender makes an awesome slushy! Adding a spoonful of sorbet to it makes it a favorite!

  7. Kay Emerson

    Wow ! They all sound great. I am waiting for my first sample of Restore. I drink BetterMilk. Combining the two sounds intriguing .

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