Today’s the Day – Kuvan Responder Trial Begins!

PKU, Kuvan Responder Trial, It's on like Donkey KongBelieve it or not, the phrase “It’s on like Donkey Kong” is listed in the Urban Dictionary and is recognized as a term to express that now is the time to throw down and compete at a higher level. That’s my motto as I embark on the first day of my Kuvan responder trial.

It was just six or seven weeks ago that I announced plans to delay the Kuvan responder trial due to hectic personal and professional activities.  So what’s changed? Not a whole lot. Life is still hectic. I’m still working and going to grad school. But I think I’ve gained perspective. The trial won’t last forever and if I can just make it through the next two and half weeks, then we’re golden!

During the Kuvan responder trial, I am required to keep 6 daily food diaries, take 7 blood samples and consume 13 tablets of Kuvan each morning.

Walgreens a.m./p.m. pill boxTo help juggle all the pills I have to take, I went out a purchased pill box. This one—with its a.m. and p.m. compartments—is pretty convenient since I will take Kuvan in the morning and my allergy meds in the evening. Might seem kind of silly, but its organization and routine that is going to get me through this process. If you’re taking Kuvan and want to get one for yourself, I purchased this one from Walgreens for $9.99.

I’ll check back in frequently to let you know how it’s going. At the end of the whole experience, I’ll report any symptoms, note whether I feel any improvements in concentration or mood, and of course, let you know if I am a responder.

Wish me luck – ‘cause it’s on like Donkey Kong!! 🙂



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3 responses to “Today’s the Day – Kuvan Responder Trial Begins!

  1. Victoria.

    Good luck and keep us up to date

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