BetterMilk Challenge Recipe 4: BetterMilk Island Smoothie

For my final recipe on Cambrooke Foods’ Three-Day BetterMilk Challenge, I tried the BetterMilk Island Smoothie. While all of the BetterMilk recipes were relatively easy to make, this one was by far the easiest of all. Part of the reason why the BetterMilk Island Smoothie is so simplistic in nature is that the ingredients list is really not that long. Here, have a look:

Cambrooke Foods BetterMilk Island Smoothie

1/2 cup pineapple chuncks or juice; 1/3 cup ginger ale; 1/2 cup of ice cubes (not pictured; 1 packed of Camino pro GMP BetterMilk

After measuring out your ingredients, combine the first three in the blender, cover and process until smooth. Then add the packet of BetterMilk, pulse until it appears to be evenly mixed and voila, you’re done!!

Cambrooke Foods BetterMilk Island SmoothieFinal review: Has the consistency of a tall glass of milk, but tastes closer to a virgin piña colada. Enjoy!!

Serving size: 364 g

Serving per recipe: 1

Measurement Per Serving Per Recipe
PHE: 34 mg 34 mg
LEU: 3118 mg 3118 mg
Pro: 0.5 g 0.5 g
P.E.: 15 g 15 g
Calories 364 364


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