BetterMilk Challenge Recipe 2: BetterMilk Very Blueberry Smoothie

After trying the BetterMilk Chocolate Chip Ice Cream, I decided to try my hand at another cool and tasty treat: BetterMilk Very Blueberry Smoothie. Before you get started, here are the ingredients/tools you’ll need to gather:

Cambrooke Foods BetterMilk  Very Blueberry Smoothie

1/3 banana; 1/4 medium kiwi, peeled; 1/4 cup fresh or frozen blueberries (I went with resealable frozen blueberries); 1/3 cup ice cubes (not pictured); 1 packet of Camino pro GMP BetterMilk; blender

Place the first four ingredients into the blender, cover and process until smooth. Add the packet of BetterMilk and use the “pulse” setting to blend the mixture evenly.

Cambrooke Foods BetterMilk Very Blueberry SmoothieFinal review: A very pleasantly sweet and fruity taste! I tried this recipe out at my parent’s house when we had gotten together for dinner and everyone had to try a sip. My dad was even inspired to try his hand at a non-low protein shake, but his didn’t have the same smoothie-like consistency. Definitely hit the spot on a hot summer afternoon!

Serving size: 273 g

Serving per recipe: 1

Measurement Per Serving Per Recipe
PHE: 67 mg 67 mg
LEU: 3171 mg 3171 mg
Pro: 1.2 g 1.2 g
P.E.:  16.2 g 16.2 g
Calories 220 220

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